Management Development

We work with managers at all levels, helping them develop and improve the skills they need to successfully manage and grow their teams. Remember, people don’t leave companies – they leave managers.

10 Interactive Half-Day Sessions

We offer 10 Interactive Half-Day Sessions to transform managers into leaders. The topics of these sessions are:

  • Introduction to Managment
  • Exploring Your Personal Management Style
  • Delegation Best Practices
  • Building Rapport With Staff
  • Proactive and Reactive Coaching
  • Re-Engaging Staff During Change
  • Building Strong Teams
  • Effective Performance Evaluations
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Resolving Conflict

Download the Full List of Available Training Programs Here

Additional training options:

New and Seasoned Manager Workshops

Consider this our management 101 program. We cover the fundamentals to being an effective manager. Our goal is to create managers skilled in engaging staff and fostering innovation.  These customizable sessions focus on the fundamentals of management such as delegation, coaching, and staff development, as well as higher level leadership skills like building trust and creating a shared vision.

Customized Team Building Sessions

Whether you have a senior leadership team that is struggling to come together or you simply want to accelerate the team building process for a new team, we will create a half-day or full-day format that addresses the most pressing needs:  Lack of clarity in your decision making process?  Unresolved conflict?  Low trust?  New team that needs a fast track to mutual understanding?  Our sessions are tailored to fit the needs of your organization.


“We contracted with uniquelyHR to facilitate an Executive Team retreat. The uniquelyHR consultant made sure he understood our culture and our most pressing issues up front. It was an engaging 1-day session that helped move the team forward.”



- Peter Godman - CEO, Qumulo


Interview Skills Training

Hiring the right talent is critical to the success of any organization.  Are your interviewers and hiring managers trained to assess key competencies and culture fit?  We teach behavioral interviewing strategies, create awareness to help overcome unconscious bias, and give you the tools to interview for fit.

Anti-Harassment/Anti-Discrimination Training, aka Professionalism at Work

It’s not enough to simply have a policy that addresses workplace harassment and discrimination. Organizations must also clearly communicate their policies to employees, and ensure managers understand their obligation to uphold those policies.  We provide sessions for staff and managers that communicate your company policies and engage your team with interactive discussion and scenarios tailored to your organization.


“Working with uniquelyHR was a pleasure; they quickly understood our company, our people, and fit seamlessly into our culture. The workshop they held for us was enthusiastically received and we look forward to working with them again in the future.” 

- Lisa Bridge - VP of Education, Ben Bridge




Download the Full List of Available Training Programs Here