Why We Do What We Do


Mikaela is a long time HR professional and executive coach. She believes that people can have fun and be productive at work every day, as long as they’re happy and challenged.

uniquely HR began in 2015 when HR leader Mikaela Kiner decided to leave the safety of the corporate world behind. She wanted to become an outside expert, so she could work with more companies and leaders in the early stages of growing their business. When Mikaela considered becoming an entrepreneur, she knew it was time to go out on her own and try practicing HR a little differently.

Mikaela had a strong desire to apply what she’d learned during the three years she spent in India – be curious, customize, and localize. Living and working in an unfamiliar culture taught her to ask lots of questions and experiment in order to figure out what made sense for the business. She created uniquely HR to help Seattle area startups and small businesses do HR in a way that works for them. Since then, word has spread and the team is happy to be working with companies from 2-250 employees in a wide variety of industries.

Before uniquelyHR


Mikaela’s a native Seattleite who grew up on Capitol Hill. She spent 15 years in HR leadership roles at Northwest companies including Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, PopCap Games, and Redfin. In addition to her three years in India, she’s worked with leaders throughout Europe and Asia. Mikaela enjoys building HR teams from scratch and helping companies figure out their approach to culture and talent.

She completed her Master’s of Science from The New School for Social Research, with a certificate in Organizational Development. Mikaela lives in Seattle and is happily married to Henry, who is a musician, artist, and teacher. Their two children are good at challenging the status quo and are a constant source of learning and laughter.