These are just some of the companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Here are their testimonials.

Mat Chacon – CEO, Doghead“We absolutely love the expertise and accessibility of the uniquelyHR staff. They bring a wealth of relevant and practical expertise to every issues we’ve faced. As a direct result of our relationship with uniquelyHR, we’ve built a positive, healthy and successful company culture that encourages trust, diversity and sincere happiness in our employees.”
— Mat Chacon – CEO, Doghead
Aaron Goldfeder – CEO, EnergySavvy“We wanted to force multiply our team with leadership training but were skeptical about our options. uniquelyHR turned out to be the perfect answer. Gary put in the work to learn about our specific needs and how we tick. A seasoned professional, he delivered multiple sessions that have led to real results in terms of skill building, camaraderie and team output. I will continue to recommend without hesitation.”
— Aaron Goldfeder – CEO, EnergySavvy
Max Mankin – CTO & Co-Founder at Modern Electron“Mikaela is the epitome of a supportive and insightful mentor and coach.  Mikaela makes leadership look effortless, yet verbalizes her thinking and frameworks accessibly to empower me to grow. Our meetings yield step-function improvements in how I run my business and how I manage myself.”
— Max Mankin – CTO & Co-Founder at Modern Electron
Robin Andrulevich Juno Therapeutics“If I didn’t have uniquelyHR working with me I would not have been able to scale our HR infrastructure so quickly. I’ve received comments from the CEO and employees that what they helped us create at Juno is unique to Juno. It will help us take the company to the next level in our ability to scale.”
— Robin Andrulevich – SVP People, Juno Therapeutics
Justin Kowalchuk – CEO & Founder MedBridge“uniquelyHR is fantastic to work with. They are attentive and provided a business needs assessment to determine the right consultant for us. At a high growth company like ours, access to a top-tier consultant is invaluable.”
— Justin Kowalchuk – CEO & Founder MedBridge
Lena Showalter – Chief of Staff, Element Data“As an early stage startup Element Data needed immediate support in establishing HR policies, culture, and benefits.  Our consultant at uniquelyHR was instrumental in quickly creating the tools we needed. I will definitely continue to use uniquelyHR for our HR needs.”
— Lena Showalter – Chief of Staff, Element Data
Peter Godman – Founder & CTO, Qumulo“We contracted with uniquelyHR to facilitate an Executive Team retreat. The uniquelyHR consultant made sure he understood our culture and our most pressing issues up front. It was an engaging 1-day session that helped move the team forward.”
— Peter Godman – Founder & CTO, Qumulo
James Gwertzman - PlayFab“I’m a big believer in over-investing up-front in HR, and Mikaela has been fantastic both as a part-time head of HR, and as a coach for me and my key execs at PlayFab.”
— James Gwertzman – CEO, PlayFab
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