Leadership Coaching

Our experienced coaches help leaders form good habits and build on their strengths.

Coaching helps leaders develop and practice new skills.

  • One on one coaching for leaders at all levels
  • Coaching for high potential women and female founders
  • Support for leaders during onboarding, promotions, and reorganizations
  • Flexible coaching packages for teams and companies including a wide range of assessments and 360 feedback


Many leaders reach a point in their career when there’s a behavior they’ve struggled to change, or a new skill they need to learn fast. It might be to delegate more, communicate clearly, or improve their executive presence. Sometimes all that’s needed is the help of an experienced coach who can act as a sounding board and accountability partner.


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Our Guarantee

Coaching is based on measurable goals

During the first session participants identify specific goals to work on.

The manager reviews and approves goals

We ensure that the participant is focused on the right goals.

Participants learn new techniques to improve their effectiveness

Coaching means experimenting with new behaviors.

Coaching has a proven return on investment (ROI)

According to research by the International Coach Federation, companies that used professional coaching have seen a median return on their investment of 7 times their initial investment.


Client Testimonial

“Mikaela is the epitome of a supportive and insightful mentor and coach.  Mikaela makes leadership look effortless, yet verbalizes her thinking and frameworks accessibly to empower me to grow.  Our meetings yield step-function improvements in how I run my business and how I manage myself.”

- Max Mankin – CTO & Co-Founder at Modern Electron


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