Management & Leadership Development

uniquely HR teaches leaders at all levels to delegate more, improve communication skills, and retain top performers.

Teach managers to lead in line with your values.

  • New manager training
  • Interviewing and Hiring Workshops
  • Trust building and decision making for leaders and executives

All workshops are customized, interactive, and hands on.

Styles Assessments: DiSC and Myers Briggs (MBTI)

Understanding different work styles and personality types helps people work better together. By increasing awareness, teams are able build trusting relationships more quickly. The result is increased collaboration and faster decision making.

Conflict Mediation

It’s a fact of life that high performing people don’t always see eye to eye. Conflict between team members can create an unpleasant work environment and derail projects. Through mediation, we help people get to the root of their disagreement and find constructive ways to resolve misunderstandings.


Do your managers struggle to give feedback and have hard conversations? Do they have trouble delegating? Do your leaders need to communicate better?  Are you losing top performers?

Management & Leadership Development Success Plan

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Our Guarantee

Build manager skills

Basic skills increase managers’ confidence and give them the tools they need to succeed.

Increase delegation

Delegation challenges teams and frees up managers to get more done.

Create a feedback culture

Our proven model makes it easy for managers to give positive and constructive feedback.

Increase team productivity

We teach new managers to help their teams set and achieve stretch goals.


Client Testimonial

“We wanted to force multiply our team with leadership training but were skeptical about our options. uniquelyHR turned out to be the perfect answer. Gary put in the work to learn about our specific needs and how we tick. A seasoned professional, he delivered multiple sessions that have led to real results in terms of skill building, camaraderie and team output. I will continue to recommend without hesitation.”

- Aaron Goldfeder – CEO, EnergySavvy


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Exclusive Free HR Resources

  • Employee Handbook template customizable for your company
  • Compliance Threshold infographic checklist for growing teams
  • "Make Every Hire Irreplaceable" Hiring Tips eBook